Saturday, July 23, 2011


Y2K, Finally!!!

Good news!!!! Remember that generator you bought during the hype of Y2K? Well, go get it out of the garage, it is behind the treadmill and the cases of freeze dried turkey meat balls. Fill up that water barrel, load the shotgun and check the batteries in the radio. This time we got a real, by God, crisis on our hands!!! This is so bad that a Senator or two might lose their jobs.

Don't worry about the hedge fund traders, they'll be okay, it's Grandma that will take it in the neck this time. Straving children will take to the streets like locust. Schools of higher learning will be shuttered, throwing thousands of bored college students among us, they will be dammed to a life of shinning shoes without their degrees in General Business and Psychology.

Yep, this is the big one. All the talking heads, the pundits, the consultants, the outside experts, the ex Congressman now lobbyist, all agree, this is Armageddon!

Bad news? The Government of The United States will no longer be able to borrow money to borrow money. Yikes!!! We only borrow fifty cents of every one dollar and fifty cents we spend. We need the money, after all we have to send billions to third world countries that hate us. We have to prop up despots, thugs and dictators who oppress their people with our hardware.

Now that the Democrats and Republicans have been caught with their hands in the empty cookie jar, it is time to scare the daylights out of the taxpayers, time to sic the screaming, torch bearing crowds on those rich devils among us. Throw Grandpa out of the home, forget the Veterans checks, We really mean it this time!!

After spending all of our money, all the next generations money, and selling our soul to the Chinese, our leaders are holding a gun to our heads, let me borrow more money (for the 119th time) or I'll shoot the stock broker.

Did America run out of gas with the passing of the Greatest Generation? Where are the leaders to call us together, challenge the country to do the right thing for our future. Cowards concerned only with the next election dare not ask for real shared sacrifice.

America is better than this.

How We Got Here

How We Got Here, Why We Won't Change

When you step from the shower one day, take a look at yourself. What you see is a human being unchanged since man evolved in the Stone Age. The only modernity in the mirror is in your brain. The accumulation of knowledge you have stored there. You have the same human fragilities, vices, desires as our Stone Age brothers and sisters. Nothing has changed in your physical makeup nor your human actions.

Mankind is divided into four types of people.

Those that Can

Those that Will

Those that Can't

Those that Won't.

Those that Can are the rarest. These are the individuals who use their gifts, talents and determination to change the world we live in one small step at a time. Since the first man knapped a piece of flint into at chopping tool, the discovery of Brass, Bronze and Steel, though Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, to Bill Gates a few men and women were able to conceive of breakthroughs to move man to the next level of civilization.

Those that Will are the mass of workers who make the idea real for all men. They work daily lives to improve,produce and distribute the fruits of those that Can. These are the bulk of society, the solid middle that carries the load, hoping to reap the rewards of a better life.

Those that Can't are thankfully few in relative number. Through some ill luck, be it health, or physical impairments these are unable to contribute as they would like.

Those that Won't are also fewer in number. They are the parasites of society, just as the poor will always be with us, outlaws, work shy and loafers will also be with us. They subsist by passing themselves off as members of the other groups.

As mankind has not changed, neither have his attempts to arrange social order to divide the spoils of progress and wealth. Once the biggest cave man ruled by brute force, then Kings, Emperors and Pharaohs, Communism, Socialism,Democracy all are an effort to make the most of each type of person.

How much do those that Can reap for their world changing work.

The plight of those that Will, often dubbed "the working class", has driven most schemes, some better than others.

How much does a society owe those that Can't? This has driven much social engineering. Many plans to care for those that Can't have run afoul of those that Won't taking an undeserved share and the resentment of those that Will measuring their rewards for working against the rewards for being a Can't.

Those that Won't should be considered "overhead," just one of the costs of a benevolent society.

All of this is to explain the current tug of war between Republicans and Democrats.

Republicans believe that unleashing those that Can will produce growth and wealth which will soon allow the rest of society to prosper in turn. "Trickle Down" is the theory.

Those that Can will employ those that Will, society will be wealthy enough to provide for those that Can't and the additional costs of those that Won't.

Democrats feel that all classes should divide the wealth of society nearly equally. Those that Can become rich on the efforts of those that Will. Since all men are equal, those that Can't and those that Won't are owed a portion of the efforts of the others."Soak the Rich" is this theory.

With the Obama Democrat administration, we will see efforts to spread other peoples wealth as widely as possible. This is no evil plan hatched by President Obama. It has been the creed of the Democrat Party since day one.

The Republican Party has only itself to blame. The Grand Ole Party forgot is values and deserves to wander in the wilderness

With one eye on the Sparrow, one eye on the Eagle, there is no one to tend the hard working Chickens who lay the Golden Eggs.