Sunday, September 11, 2011

one Nation

One Nation

Now that 911 is past it is time to take the flag down. Put it back in the closet. We now return to current America. Patriotism is to be ridiculed. America is an embarrassment. Diversity is the watchword now.

In the far past, in the black and white world of World War Two movies, the Americans were portrayed as a united country of diverse peoples welded together in a quest to defeat the forces of Fascism the World over. The Southern rube, the slick New Yorker, the devout Jew and the Polish emigrant fought as one. Proud to be Americans.

Today, our fighting is done by a few with no sacrifice from the majority.

Today, the quest of many Americans is to drop out of mainstream American life. The Federal Government has a program for you if you can prove you are not one of us. In an effort to atone for past wrongs, a system of rewards is now in place for anyone deemed needing a thumb on the scale to achieve success. Minorities have set asides for many programs from Government purchases to Magnet Schools. Prove that your Grandfather was a Cherokee, you get a ten percent advantage in Government contracts, the list goes on. The category of "minority" is long and ever growing. Gender, Sexual preference, Religion and others now have a special niche along with race. Not content to punish crimes as such, harming any of these groups is regarded as much more serious and punished accordingly. Assault the wrong person and you get added jail time.

America is no longer the home of the challenge to be all you can be. The place to strive, be on your own, a independent, free to speak your mind Citizen.

No, Daddy needs to help you. You can't make it by your own effort, you need a Government program because America is fundamentally unfair and evil. If you doubt this just watch the nightly news.

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