Monday, September 12, 2011

Regarding Ms Jane smith

Regarding Ms Jane Smith

Disclosure Note: I am not voting for the incumbent in the Senate District 37 race.

In any discussion with your friends and neighbors regarding the state of our State and Country, invariably the subject of career politicians comes up. The existence of a permanent ruling class is seen as the greatest threat to our country and our children's future. But how to rid ourselves of these determined hangers on?

In Louisiana the people voted for term limits. That is, a cap on the number of years a person could serve, making way for new blood and new thinking. As is usually the case many of the characters in our political universe attempt to circumvent the will of the people by retiring from one branch of the legislature to seek election to the other chamber. Not to worry, that august body, known in bars and hunting clubs the state over as the Louisiana State Supreme Court, has ruled that changing chambers is perfectly legal. Never mind the will of the people, these boys and girls know what is good for us.

This brings us to today and Ms Jane Smith. When Billy Montgomery was term limited in House, he decided to run for the State Senate. I am a determined supporter of term limits. I happened to call in to a local, politically oriented, radio show when Ms Smith was being interviewed. I asked her why long serving politicians hung on, refusing to yield. " I don't know" replied Ms Smith, " maybe its the lifestyle, it is very hard to give up for some people."

Now, the time has come for Ms Smith to yield the lifestyle. Proving that it is hard to give up, Ms Smith is running for the Senate. If she was not in office when tem limits was passed, she was well aware of the will of the people when she ran for office. Ms Smith has been raising money to run for the Senate for months. This is not some last minute change of heart brought about by a popular cry from her constituents.

Has she done a good job? Yes. Didn't the voters send her to Baton Rouge to do a good job? Yes. Is arrogant to think that you are irreplaceable? Yes.

Just as Billy Montgomery was unable to translate his long service into a Senate seat, hopefully those that truly believe in term limits will continue to vote their beliefs.

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