Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Abra Kadabra

Abra Kadabra

Most magic tricks rely on distracting the audience's eye to one hand while the other hand performs the trick, be it a coin in the ear or a handkerchief in the hand.

With this in mind I would like to call your attention to the latest slight of hand playing out on the American stage.

The networks, cable and mainstream are all atwitter with news that America has an income imbalance. Seems that the top few earners in this country earn more than the bottom in total. Watching the hand holding the chart draws our eye from the fact that the bottom percentage is made up of people who USED to work and earn good incomes. People whose job is now being performed in China or elsewhere. This ignores the fact that the top 10% of filers pay 65.73% of all taxes. While the top represents earners who are making millions, some times billions, the real story is in the other hand. The complete destruction of the earring power of the bottom.

With four people for every viable job in this country, the sad truth is that this country or any other country don't need or want American workers. The American worker is accompanied by his liability lawyer, his health insurance man, the EPA investigator, the Social Security inquiry and retirement advisor. The foreign worker has none of these. All of this while there are thousands of jobs in this country, filled by illegal immigrants, that are deemed "jobs no Americans will do".

I admit it would be fun to drag the rich from their mega mansions, rifle their pockets and drain their IRAs, but there is not enough there to solve our debt problems, much less give all of the rest of us a living wage.

Somehow, we must find a future that enlarges the pie, providing more for all, not slicing the existing pie into smaller, but more equal pieces.

I do not for hope for magic here. This will take sacrifice, courage something that our leaders do not have.

There is no magic in class warfare.

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