Saturday, August 27, 2011

Why You Should Like Christi O'Donnell

Why You Should Like Christie O'Donnell

The talking heads are all exercised about Christi O'Donnell's recent Rhino hunt in Delaware. Seems the girl has been dabbling in witchcraft and has had money troubles in the past. Think about it, here is a lady whose Daddy did not serve in Government so could not pass a cushy job to his daughter. I suggest that everyone who has done something foolish in their high school days, had money troubles and said some off the wall things under pressure, vote for Christi. Everyone who grew up playing in the halls of Congress while his Daddy served there before becoming a lobbyist, vote for that white guy in the three piece suit, the Democrat.

Looking at the wreckage of our country today, I don't think we need more of the smartest lawyers in the room serving in Congress. How about someone who has worked for a living, missed a payment or two and been subject to collection agency harassment.

This current crop, Republican and Democrat, is harder to get rid of than insurance salesmen. Robert Byrd was casting votes from a wheelchair, Ted Kennedy may have been technically dead for a week before anyone noticed. One guy is suffering from the effects of a stoke, yet he will not yield.

The establishment parties geld any new candidates before the first primary, the money tit is more attractive than any Ideals of good government for the people.They become one more empty suit, spouting the party talking points.

To whom should the citizen turn today. The financial world has shown itself to be a fraud. The Government is staffed with whores who shuffle through revolving doors, always serving themselves or their patrons.The political class is arrogant and un involved. Like Gulliver, we are trussed by the Lilliputians with a thousand threads. We have been busy with the daily struggle while the levers of power of this beautiful country have been usurped by arrogant men and women who believe they know that is best for us and are hell bent on serving it to us.

As the Queen of Hearts said.."Off with their heads" all of them the good, bad and the beautiful.

Send some wild women and men,to Washington, those who really want to do something for America, black,white,tan, straight,gay and undecided.

Don't vote for an incumbent.

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