Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why Does It Cost So much To Fly From Shreveport

Why Does it Coast So Much To Fly Out Of Shreveport ?

On the face of it this seems a simple question. Why are air fares so much cheaper at surrounding, much smaller city airports.

The simple answer is: Deregulation.

While we were not looking, the air travel industry changed to accommodate changing market conditions. Folks, the day of the Beaver Cleaver family driving the Edsel out the airport with the five piece, matched, hard sided Samsonite luggage, Mom in the pill box hat and white gloves, Dad in the wool suit, tie, and fedora are gone. Notice, I did not reference the Air Service industry. Forget the niceties, this is air travel cattle car style, pioneered by Southwest. The air carriers are focused on butts in seats at the highest price possible, not your comfort and convenience. Sorry, Charlie.

The fierce competition of the past is over for out of the way burgs like Shreveport. With three carriers "serving" Shreveport with no competition among them, we are a profit center to subsidize the cheap tickets out of DFW or somewhere else.

Today, if you want to spend your money on the family vacation, not on air line tickets, you must be your own travel agent. Find the ticket price first, then book the accommodations at your destination. be flexible on the dates. The tail is wagging the dog here.

The Shreveport Regional web site is now tracking the prices to help if you insist on flying from Shreveport. But, this is business, find the best deal for your needs and book accordingly.

You might attend a monthly meeting of the Regional Airport Board(third Thursday of the month at 9am) for a close look at how your city manages things. Also, there will be a blue ribbon committee of all the usual suspects to devise a twenty year master plan for the airport. Surprise the hell out of them and show up for a meeting and speak out. I missed you at the first meeting in July.

Don't expect to change things at the airport . It is a political entity which also is used for political aims.

There is always Green Park on Bistineau for a fun weekend getaway.

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