Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Consider The Earthworm

Consider the Earth Worm

The lowly earth worm, lives in the dark, deaf to noise, blind to light. The earth worm takes in soil on one end and excretes waste soil out of the other end.

Consider America today, taking in Chinese goods on one end and excreting debt and used goods out the other end. The Chinese badly need jobs for their millions of eager hands. America exported its jobs years ago. The current industrial base of America is the shopping mall. Here the Chinese goods are processed by the American consumer into used products and debt. The life cycle of the American earth worm goes like this. America borrows money from the Chinese via bonds of national debt. The Chinese pretend that the bonds are worth real money, they then ship the products of their factories to our shores where we buy them and order more. Gradually, Americans will not be "working" in the usually accepted way. Our job will be to shop for and purchase the mountains of goods produced by the Chinese to keep them happy.The used products will be shipped to Bangladesh for recycling by barefoot dismantlers, the residue returned to China, materials for new poducts.Then,the process will begin again, just in time for Christmas.

Less astute observers believe that China is a military threat to America. Think about, when has a seller ever attacked its best customer? Why bomb a country that you own?

Further, if China conquered America, they would have to find jobs for all the American citizens no longer shopping to keep the Chinese citizens busy. The Chinese need us more than we need them. If the new China suffered fifteen percent unemployment, tires would be burning in the streets. Unemployed Americans just go the mail box for their check and vote Democrat.

And so the charade goes on, I pretend to pay you, you pretend the money is good. Like a counterfeit twenty in circulation, only a fool would reveal its a fake while its in his wallet. When will the whistle blow? Who knows, but it will make the Great Depression look like a High School Prom.

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