Friday, August 5, 2011



Never has the disconnect between the rulers and the ruled been greater than in today's America. Not since Marie Antoinette suggested cake, has the ruling class been so tone deaf.

Consider the following. The New World Order folks see a World in which prosperity is spread around the Earth by exporting jobs to the remotest poor country. The Human Rights crowd see a World in which Beaver Clever's Mom has a high level position in Advertising and Mr. Clever is doing well in Real Estate. The Multi Sexual Orientation crowd see a family dinner with the hair dresser and designer as guests at the head of the table. The Greens see a World in which Moose wander the city streets at will among the traffic of peddle cars and horse drawn trams. The Multi Racial/ Multi Ethnic/Multi Country of National Origin/Undocumented Guest Worker crowd see a company picnic of satisfying diversity enforced by special police authorized to count heads and compute percentages.The World Peace crowd wants to force all the World to live at peace with their neighbors.

These are all wonderful aims. Wonder aims for someone else's job. Wonderful aims for someone else's family. Wonderful aims for someone else's dinner or lifestyle. Enforced World Peace is great as long as your son or daughter is sent to do the job, not mine.

Just who might our rulers have in mind to achieve these aims, who might be living under the New World Order ?

Maybe if we took a look at just who is serving in the Armed Forces, who is paying the taxes, who is unemployed, who is hoisted up for public ridicule for a misstep or misstatement in an unguarded moment, we might see who the various Crowds have in mind.

We, the great unwashed, the common citizens have had too much prosperity, too much freedom of speech, too much opportunity to achieve our individual aims, too many lifestyle choices, hell we even buy light bulbs that are bad for us and eat Super Size meals with toys for our kids. We are out of control!

How did We get here? While we were at work, the Crowds were in front of Congressional Committees selling their dreams for us.

Since the Gentleman and Gentleladies have long since lost touch with their constituents, it all sounded good.

Thus new laws, regulations and governmental direction.

Pass the Cake.

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