Monday, August 15, 2011


No More Tamales

As a boy, I loved Harmel tamales. One night I ate two cans, forcing the last few down. Shortly thereafter I threw up. The taste of the tamales coming back up sickened me such that I did not eat another for three years.

Today, as I watch the citizens of Wisconsin and Iowa vote, I think that America is sick of the liberal tamales we have been force fed these past two years. Finally.

Is America ready to fling open the window and scream "I'm mad as hell, and I am not going to take it anymore?"

Is America ready to put America first ? Ready to fret about our citizens in need, worry about our unemployed, our job base? Can we citizens freely speak our mind without fear of being burned at the stake as a right or left wing nut, homophobe, anti Semitic or anti Muslim bigot?

Can we spend our money on our infrastructure without embarrassment because some dictator ruined Third World country needs a bridge? Can we feed our hungry first for a change?

Can we go back to the dream of hard work rewarded with material wealth? Failure as an inspiration to strive again?

Can we return to the things that made this country prosperous,free, the envy the world?

Can we declare the Cold War over, stop being the Police and Fire protection of the World? Can we stop sending our best and brightest to foreign countries that hate us?

Finally, are we ready to throw the bums out? Republican and Democrat, tweedle dee and tweedle dum? Off with their heads as the Queen of Hearts would say in the Alice in Wonderland that is Washington D.C. !

Stand up, speak, out take our country back for the generations to come !

The generations that sacrificed for us are watching.

We are too late to do battle on the Marne, too late to storm Omaha Beach, too late for the Chosin Reservoir, Saigon or Baghdad, but not too late for the ballot box.

Think about it.

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